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Initial Tests

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Kellie πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ has already configured vitest for us in . Feel free to check the vitest docs if you'd like to learn more about the configuration options. It's pretty minimal which is nice.
We've got a utility we use in various places throughout the app that would be nice to have a test for. It's our getErrorMessage utility. It's simple and pure (mostly 😈), so it's a good start for our unit testing journey. Here's how it's typically used:
// Error object returns message
getErrorMessage(new Error('Oh no, there was an error'))
// "Oh no, there was an error"

// String returns itself
getErrorMessage('This is another error')
// "This is another error"

// undefined falls back to Unknown
// "Unknown Error"
So let's write some tests for each of these cases. This may not look like much, but we've got a bit of a curve ball on that last one that'll make this an especially interesting exercise. Stay tuned!
As a reminder, here's the format of a test in Vitest:
import { test, expect } from 'vitest'
import { validatePassword } from './validatePassword'

test('returns false for passwords shorter than 8 characters', () => {

// more tests
Kody's 🐨 going to take the day off for this one. We think you can write these tests on your own! If you get stuck, you can always check the diff.
npx vitest